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On the final episode of the Spring 2015 Semester, Nick Villano and Rayla Claypool discuss the death penalty on legal, societal and ethical fronts with experts in our very own Morgantown. Listen now!


U92 reporters Brooke Chaplain and Melanie Smith sat down with a panel of experts to discuss the controversies occurring in the media involving media ethics. Download, listen, share today!

Listen now as Erica Claycomb and Nick Villano discuss why sex is so taboo in our culture and what is happening in society to either detract or contribute to such widespread taboos.

On this episode, hosts Kiley Putnam and Natasha Rasekhi sit down with representatives from across campus to discuss post combat PTSD and veteran’s care in the United States. Listen in now!

On this episode, Clarissa Cottrill and Sara Berzingi sit down with some representatives from the local health department and a student from the WVU School of Public Health to take an in depth look at the debates surrounding childhood vaccinations, claims of autism causation, health, safety and more. Tune in now!

U92 Reporters Kristen Tuell and Kalea Gunderson have guests from around campus in studio to discuss gender equality issues in the workplace. Tune in now to hear everything from maternity leave to wage gaps on U92’s award winning show.

On this episode, Jamie Robinson and Hannah Chenoweth sit down with campus experts to discuss post graduation expectations, realities and plans for life after college. Tune in now!